We love celebrating life with families THROUGH ouR Baby Dedication service. This is an amazing time when parents and family praise God for a precious, new life and pledge themselves to LIVE FOR JESUS BASED ON THE WORD OF GOD.

If you’re interested in having your child dedicated, please CLICK ON THE BUTTON below AND COMPLETE THE FORM SO our team CAN connect with YOU.


Is there an age limit for baby dedications?

There is not a strict age limit. We dedicate newborn infants as well as elementary-age children, but for kids with appropriate maturity and spiritual growth, we encourage them to publicly declare their decision to follow Jesus through water baptism.

What if my child is interested in being baptized?

We love that! Water baptism is such a beautiful moment of declaration and commitment, and we want to ensure that our kids are intentional and prepared to own their decision to follow Jesus. So whether it’s age eight or eighteen, we are excited to celebrate this faith step for your child. You can sign up and find out more about baptism here.

If your child is interested in baptism, we also encourage you to let your community know! YOUR YOUTH/CHILDREN’S MINISTRY TEAM, PASTORAL TEAM, would love to be a support, resource and encouragement to YOUR FAMILY and your child!